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10am-1pm, Thursday 16th May 2024 – Phone photography and editing for small businesses. 

The Lodge, Duxford

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Have you ever been on holiday looking at the most perfect sunset, taken a photo on your phone only to be so disappointed that it looked so much better in real life? Wondered why your photos are blurred? Want to improve your business social media photos and get more engagement?

In this fun interactive workshop, you’ll learn lots of tips and tricks to get the best out of your phone camera (and also its limitations). Choose from the following workshops to suit your needs.

Phone Photography and Editing Workshop for Business – £90 –  Whether you’re a business, freelancer or charity looking to improve your photography for social media, or want to improve your personal photography day-to-day, there will be lots for you here! Small group to allow plenty of time to answer all your questions.

Walking Phone Photography and Editing Workshop – a two hour walking workshop around Cambridge. See the city in a new light, find interesting angles and learn how to get the best out of your phone camera, up to 15 people.

One to One Phone Photography and Editing Workshop – £197 – is a workshop just for you! Personalised to your specific business and needs, together with all the tips and content of the group workshops. Before the session I’ll ask what specifics you would like to cover, and take a look at your online photos (Instagram/Facebook/Website etc) to see what we can improve. You are welcome to send me photos too, and we can use them in the editing section of the workshop.

Staff Training Phone Photography & Editing Workshop – from £350 – A fun way to get your team together and learn lots of new skills along the way. We’ll work on your specific business needs and I’ll show your staff how to create lots of brilliant photography content for your website and socials.

Bespoke Phone Photography & Editing Workshops / Corporate Event Speaker – from £600 – Fully customised to your preferences. From small in-person teams, to streaming to thousands of attendees online, I look forward to working with you!

I’ll use lots of real life examples of before and after photos taken from my 20 years as a professional photographer.

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What we’ll cover:

  • Getting the best out of your phone camera – it’s much more than a point-and-shoot! How many cameras do you have and what are they for? What to look for in your next upgrade (spoiler-alert: don’t just go on budget! It may be better to get an older model with a better camera, than the newest one you can afford)
  • Subject, Exposure & Composition – What are you taking a photo of, how to get the correct exposure, lots of tips on how to get creative with your compostion
  • Editing – using the in-built phone app for cropping, exposure, contrast and colour. Then moving on to more advanced editing you’ll learn how to get creative by defining your own style, removing unwanted objects, adding text and graphics, and much more!
  • For business workshops in addition to the above: using branding, signposting and storytelling to maximise content creation and social media engagement. 
  • Exploring editing apps and AI tools to help your business photography stand out from the crowd

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