Have you ever been on holiday looking at the most perfect sunset, taken a photo on your phone only to be so disappointed that it looked so much better in real life? Wondered why your photos are blurred? Want to improve your business Instagram photos and get more engagement?

In this three hour interactive workshop, you’ll learn lots of tips and tricks to get the best out of your phone camera (and also its limitations). With small group sizes, there will be plenty of one-to-one time to answer your individual questions. Whether you’re a freelancer or small business looking to improve your photography for social media, or want to improve your personal photography day-to-day, there’s lots for everyone.

The first pop-up workshops of 2020 will be Thursday 9th January, 9.30am-12.30pm and Saturday 11th January, 10am-1pm at Sookio HQ, 86 St Barnabas Road, Cambridge CB1 2BY. Got an idea of where you’d like me to hold the next one? Send me an email!


What we’ll cover:

  • Getting the best out of your phone camera – it’s much more than a point-and-shoot!
  • Get clicking – a chance to put into practice what you’ve learnt.
  • Subject, Exposure & Composition – What are you taking a photo of, how to get the correct exposure, lots of tips on how to get creative with your compostion
  • Editing – using the in-built phone app for cropping, exposure, contrast and colour. Then moving on to more advanced editing you’ll learn how to get creative by defining your own style, removing unwanted objects, adding text and graphics, and much more!
  • Small class size (max. 8) – Plenty of time to ask questions and get individual help.


“Ian’s phone photography workshop is absolute gold – I learned loads at the one I went to, way more than I expected. If you want to invest in yourself, or you’re stuck for a gift for someone, I would highly recommend snapping one up!” Anne-Marie – Carbon Orange

“Ian’s workshop was great fun, interactive and packed full of useful tips including using light and considering composition. I feel a lot more confident taking photos for my business and when I’m just out and about.” Heather McDougall Garden Design

“My holiday photos were so much better for it! Ian’s so knowledgeable – and very lovely with it.Karen Arnott Design

“A fab smartphone photography workshop with loads of great insights and tips.” – Andy Boothman, Drive the Network


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