JOIN proFESSIONAL photographer ian olsson AT THE LODGE, DUXFORD

10am-1pm Thursday 16 May 2024

The Lodge, Duxford

£90 (£72 including earlybird 20% discount code DUXFORD20 valid until Friday 3 May 2024)

Suitable for Android and iPhone

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We all know the importance of visual content, and how being able to take and edit high quality photos with a smartphone to use on social media is a major advantage for businesses. But when you’re busy running your own business, it’s hard to find the time, and often a ‘quick snap’ will have to do. Come along to this workshop to move away from the ‘quick snap’ to creating awesome content! Or maybe you’re already taking brilliant photos, but want to learn what else your phone can do. Or need help with editing to create your own consistent brand style.

Join me for this fun, interactive workshop and learn all about:

  • Your smartphone’s photographic capabilities including using manual controls to get sharp, well lit photos (and if your phone camera is limiting you, learn what to look for in your next upgrade)
  • Framing, composition and lighting: creating depth, getting interesting angles and how to get the best light for different subjects
  • Getting creative by adding movement to your still images
  • Telling stories through your photos, why including the human element is important and how to take better selfies
  • Editing: using the inbuilt photo editor on your phone to make your photos pop and separate editing apps for more advanced editing.
There’ll be a chance for you to take your own photos during the break (completely optional, feel free to just chat!) which we can edit in the second session.

You’re welcome to stay for more networking and lunch after the workshop officially finishes at 1pm, available to purchase at the cafe.

You’ll leave this workshop able to take high quality photos with your smartphone, knowing how to edit and enhance your images and use them effectively to maximise your impact on Instagram. This workshop is also a great opportunity for you to connect with other like-minded professionals and share ideas and tips. Looking forward to seeing you there! Ian


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