RoadPeace Remembrance Day

I have just come back from covering a Service of Remembrance for the charity Roadpeace. The service at St James’ Church in Picadilly was for friends and family of those killed in road crashes. Use of the word crashes (not accidents) here is important. As Roadpeace say, they are rarely accidents, and can be avoided, by not drinking and driving for example.

You may think that the statistic of 7 people being killed on our roads every day is not that many compared to other causes. Standing in that service listening to the individual names and ages of those who have died makes this very real and definitely not ‘just a statistic’.

My blog posts are normally of happy events, people having a great time enjoying themselves. I am privileged to able to cover such a wide spectrum of events, and thought it was important to post this and not just to show the happy side of my work. Think next time you decide to drink and drive, or when you’re offered a lift by someone who has.

roadpeace charity photographer london

Reading out all the ‘leaves of remembrance’ written by those who attended the service. These included the names and ages of all of those killed in road crashes. Truly moving.

roadpeace charity photographer london

roadpeace charity photographer london

RoadPeace is a UK charity providing support for victims of road crashes and campaigning for justice, road safety and road danger reduction.

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