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I really enjoyed this product photography shoot, being creative with speakers for a company website and brochure. I had no idea there were so many different shapes and sizes. You probably hear them on a daily basis without realising as the company supply to car, aircraft, train and all sorts of other industries, hidden from view behind grilles and panels.

I set up my portable studio at the company headquarters near Guildford in Surrey and took the photos on a white background. I have left the photos ‘as taken’ (apart from the usual editing: contrast, colour adjustments & cropping) as I like the depth that a shadow gives. If required I can also cut-out the products to put them on to a pure white background.

speaker product photographer in surrey

speaker product photographer in surrey 2

speaker product photographer in surrey 3

Something I always plan to do and usually forget: a behind the scenes photo. Top: I needed to climb up that ladder to get the height needed to be directly overhead. Bottom: Organised chaos of speakers (and a cup of tea!) before they were neatly arranged on the white background.

speaker product photographer in surrey 4

I’m a product photographer based in Guildford, Surrey and travel all over Surrey, London and surrounding areas.

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