Blendology oneTap Badges for Events & Conferences

I’ve been to a lot of conferences and events, and these name-badges-with-a-difference from Blendology really caught my eye as a great bit of technology (very appropriately I was photographing an event for the Innovation Forum). Instead of handing out business cards or writing notes on scraps of paper that are likely to be lost, delegates can simply tap the badges together and each others’ contact details are stored.

At the end of the event the information is downloaded from the devices and delegates receive one handy email with the contact details of everyone they tapped, clever! They all get returned and re-used for next time too, so none of those plastic wallets and lanyards that you usually get end up in landfill.

I’d love to hear about your event. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss photography, click to see my conference and event portfolio

Conference & Event Photography at the Cambridge Judge Business School for the Innovation Forum 2015 with Blendology OneTap

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